Frankie Magazine - Issue 67


Brand Frankie Magazine

Hurrah for Issue 67! Each copy comes with one of two collectable art cards featuring cuteness from talented illustrator ladies ana albero and ashley goldberg. 
Everything else in the magazine? We have pretty photos from the most floral-y place on earth, a brief history of hand gestures (both rude and non-rude), and an abundance of australian abstract art. There are motherly musings from the grates’ patience hodgson, dispatches from a country that might disappear under the sea in 50 years time, and a chat with a lady who can make books by hand. We have 15 handy and hygienic (non-drinking) uses for vodka, non-sucky cards for sucky occasions, a beginner’s guide to heavy metal, fashion inspired by the most important meal of the day, david bowie-themed craft, one disturbing reference to the neverending story and a hipster bison. Plus all the usual laughs, art, craft, travel and design goodness. YAY!